Want to audio/video tape a speaker at your next meeting?
Would you like to take photographs during the presentation?
Do you have the speaker’s consent in your contracting paperwork?

Below are a few examples of how you might work multimedia requests into your speaker agreements. (Please note: Not intended as legal advice. We recommend you seek legal review for your contracting documents.)


Video Recording Example

Speaker authorizes the Association to video record the training sessions provided to the Association’s members and acknowledges that the Association has complete ownership rights in the recording and materials thereunder.


Multimedia Recording Example

The Society has arranged for professional multimedia recording of the Annual Meeting sessions by a specialty media company. Presentations will be combined with the course outline, handouts, PowerPoint presentation and supplemental course materials to produce multimedia content as permitted by individual speakers. Audio recordings and/or multimedia content from these courses will be offered for sale to Society members and Annual Meeting attendees. The Society encourages all speakers to allow such recording for the continued educational benefit of the Society membership and other attendees. No session will be recorded without the speaker consent.


Audio/Video Taping & Still Photography
Consent Form Example

As a service to our members and in an effort to make continuing dental education available to all members, [organization name] will videotape the presentations at [the conference].

The [organization name] requests [speaker name] consent to record the presentation. [Organization name] agrees that the speaker will retain rights and ownership of the recorded material, but has [organization name] granted a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to distribute the recorded content and to use the material they contain for any lawful purpose, including publication in conference proceedings and/or through any method of digital distribution.

In exchange for [speaker name] consent, [organization name] will provide [speaker name] with a complimentary copy of the presentation at the conclusion of the conference for [speaker name] personal use upon request.

NOTE: The copyright of the material at all times remains with the speaker. By signing, [speaker name] grants permission for [organization name] to record and/or distribute [speaker name] presentation in the following format:
___ Video and Audio
___ Still Photography
___ No Authorization Granted

Speaker Signature / Date