Call for Speaker Proposal

Meeting & Event Professionals,

Wouldn’t it be cool if you didn’t have to dig to find great speakers that are available to speak on the day of your meeting, on the topics that you would like, and with honorariums that fit your budget? Utilize our Call for Speaker Proposal (CSP) program!

Here’s how it works:

– Provide us with the basic information about your event.
– We will notify our speakers of your program’s needs via e-mail.
– Those speakers with presentations that are a good match will email a proposal.
– Contact those speakers whose presentations look like they may be a fit for your program.

We are here to make your job easier. And there is no charge to you! Contact us today to learn how we can help.

What’s Being Said about the
Call for Speaker Proposal Process?

Let us coordinate a “Call for Speaker Proposal” for you!

Download the CSP Request Form and provide us with basic information about your event.




What information will you receive from our Speakers?

  • Topic / Title of Presentation
  • Bullet-pointed Objectives
  • Speaker Bio
  • Previous Presentations
  • Link to Demo Video (if applicable)
  • Contact Information (email, phone, website)
  • Requested Honorarium
  • Any relationships with sponsors that may be interested in sponsoring this presentation
  • … Anytime else you’d like to see?  Just let us know!

Contact d.d.s. to discuss the specific needs of your meeting(s). We’re here to help!