Picking dates and times for your meeting is critical in attracting participants.  Be sure to do your research. Are there any other meetings/events occurring at the same time?  Will your meeting dates interfere with your participants other commitments?

    • Utilize resources such as the ADA’s Full Calendar of Meetings and Events:  http://www.ada.org/en/education-careers/events/us-events-meetings-calendar  to help you avoid dates where your participants will likely be at another meeting.
    • Check with the Convention and Visitors Bureau in the meeting city.
    • Use the internet to look for similar events locally or nationally.
    • Take into consideration any holidays, religious days, school breaks, and long weekends.
    • Which days of the week would work best with your participants’ schedules?
    • Are there certain times of day that would work better?

Location, location, location!  Match the meeting site to your audience.

    • Make travel easy for them.
    • Choose a centralized location.
    • Will this location work with their budgets?
    • Is this destination desirable?  Convenient?
    • Are there other attractions in this location?  Convenient hotels?  Airports?
    • The Convention and Visitors Bureau can also help you with facilities, hotels, products and services needed for your meeting.