By Sandy Baird

To maximize your practice’s potential, 98% of your time as a dentist should be spent with your hands, eyes, and mind in a patient’s mouth.  How is that possible? You also have to run a business with employees, equipment, labs, bills, continuing education, and a million other responsibilities pulling you away from your patients.  You need to market your practice, develop your team, stay up-to-date with technology, and be your patient’s favorite dentist.  You are not only a dentist, but a boss, leader, and business owner.  In other words, you must be SUPERDENTIST! Or do you? The answer is, no.  You only need to be mild-mannered Clark Kent, D.D.S. who is organizationally-organized.

In the business world of today, being organizationally-organized means being systemized. That is how McDonalds, Ritz Carlton, UPS, and other great business successes of our time are making it happen year after year.  They design and implement detailed operational systems, from the number of minutes allowed at each package drop, to the types of pillows their customers prefer.  You, too, can systemize your practice to run like a well-oiled machine, so you can reap the rewards year after year.

The right business systems will make you appear like Superman and be super-organized, but without the stress and long hours. Once systems are implemented, you can take a step back and focus on dentistry because the systems will:

  • train your employees
  • provide critical instructions when a team member is missing
  • establish moral and ethical guidelines
  • provide consistency in timing and quality of service to your patients
  • reduce errors and omissions
  • create checks and balances
  • protect you from legal issues and risks
  • and much, much more…

Systems are the backbone of any well-organized business, whether it is dentistry or the food industry. They are what allow teams to function successfully when their boss is doing dentistry 98% of the time. They are what allows your team to become self-managed, self-motivated, and self-accountable.  In the business world these team are called, Self-Managed Teams.

According to many business experts, self-managed teams are the future workforce structure of business. They are absolutely perfect for dental offices, because the boss must be “doing” in order to be producing income and cannot waste productive time “managing” their employees.

In my seminar on Developing Self-Managed Teams, I help dentists learn how to turn employees into a self-managed team and reap the many benefits, including:

  • Transforming “disengaged employees” into “co-owners” with the mentality of an owner
  • Changing employee jobs into team responsibilities to achieve results and meet goals
  • Establishing accountability using data and team dynamics
  • Creating a more enjoyable and productive work environment for you and your team
  • Freeing the dentist from unnecessary managerial responsibilities

You can be the dentist, boss, leader, and business owner needed to run a successful practice without trying to be SUPERDENTIST and burning out.  Learn how developing a Self-Managed team can make you look and feel like not only SUPERDENTIST, but the owner of SUPERPRACTICE.





With a Masters in Business Administration, over 35 years of hands-on dental management experience (and marriage to a dentist!), SANDY BAIRD has walked in your meeting attendee’s shoes. She understands how efficient, effective businesses organize and operate.  She brings the experience and knowledge necessary to take attendees to the next level of success through presentations focused on systemization, leadership, embezzlement and more.

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