Bruce Christopher

Bruce Christopher Seminars
Minneapolis, MN


Presentation Topics

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Inspiration/ Motivation
  • Stress Management
  • Team Building

Past Presentations

  • American Dental Association
  • International Endodontic Association
  • The Hinman Meeting
  • The Seattle Study Club


Presentation Information

Why Are Women So Strange & Men So Weird?
You can revitalize performance and enhance morale by putting into practice the strategies outlined in this seminar. You will learn what makes the opposite sex tick and what you can do about it. Certainly, dentistry is a co-ed effort; and you may not be as successful as you could be without understanding how to really communicate and connect with that opposite sex person on your team or in your chair. Least of all, by participating in this seminar, you will Laugh ’til you cry. . .and Learn ’til you change!

Are We Having Fun, Yet?
This highly interactive session will literally have the audience coming out of their seats by learning how to leap from their procrastinations and crash through their comfort zones. Your practice will learn how to make fears disappear, visualize their goals, work together, move forward, and have fun doing it!

Bambi VS. Godzilla
“Bambi vs. Godzilla” helps participants understand negative behavior, and to increase their skill level in dealing with difficult personality types. The objective of this program is to increase the awareness of why difficult personality types act the way they do, and how to successfully implement strategies and techniques to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

The Psychology of Success: The Secrets the Superstars Know
In this seminar, the people in your practice will discover a blueprint for achieving success in their relationships, in their health, in their careers, and in your office. They will learn about a new dimension for success called: “Emotional Intelligence“ or EQ.

Biographical Information

Laugh ‘til you cry. Learn ‘til you change. These are the only rules that apply at a psychologist and humorist Bruce Christopher’s presentation. At the heart of it all, what separates Bruce from the pack is his outrageously funny dynamic delivery of today’s hot topics. Bruce inspires audiences internationally by giving them real, immediate solutions for change without fluff and hype.

Bruce has spoken at the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table Conference, London’s Royal College of Surgeons, and the Mayo Clinic. He is a practicing supervising Clinical Psychologist holding degrees in Professional Psychology and Interpersonal Communications. He speaks over 150 times each year and is one of today’s most sought after speakers in the Fortune 500 and numerous prestigious medical and dental conferences.

His clients include: American Airlines, American Express, Best Buy, Blue Cross-Blue Shield, Boeing, General Electric, IBM, The IRS, The Mayo Clinic, Oracle, 3M, Nortel, Pizza Hut, Quaker Oats, Radisson Hotels, State Farm, Texas Instruments, U.S. Navy, U.S. Postal, Wells Fargo and many others.

When you are faced with morale problems, communication conflicts, customer service issues, managing change, or need for teamwork… this Psychologist is in!