Derek K. Hein, COO

Presentation Information

Cutting Edge Dental Products for Clinical Success is a fast moving day dedicated to the products that make dentistry more enjoyable for clinicians and better for patients. It highlights current CR research, Gordon Christensen techniques, and over 25 areas in dentistry. The entire dental team will find it informative and helpful.

Innovative and Helpful Concepts for Dental Hygiene reviews the most recent dental hygiene products from CR evaluations. Clinical tips in 16 areas of Dental Hygiene are discussed.

Infection Control that is effective and practical will help the entire dental team understand useful infections control with effective products and procedures.

Biographical Information

Derek K. Hein is COO of CR, the non-profit foundation started by Drs. Gordon and Rella Christensen. He oversees publication of Gordon J. Christensen CLINICIANS REPORTS and CR operations. Derek has conducted independent dental product evaluations since 1990, is a member of IADR, and has published on resins, inlays/onlays, crowns, bleaching, and dental unit water. He has co-presented the “Dentistry Update” course with Gordon and Rella Christensen, and has been featured in Dentistry Today’s “Leaders in Continuing Education” for 15 years. Derek has presented over 250 courses in 11 countries. Derek’s hobbies include his wife, children, skiing, biking, and gardening.

Presentation Topics

  • Dental Hygiene
  • Dental Materials
  • General Dentistry
  • Infection Control

Past Presentations

  • Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting; Atlanta, GA
  • Texas AGD; Houston, TX
  • Pacific Dental Conference; Vancouver, BC Canada