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The Practice Rx: Tired, burned out, frustrated and feeling like the business side of your practice is killing the passion you once had? Out of all the courses you were required to take to earn your degree, did you ever wonder why a course on how to actually run a business, manage a team, balance your personal life and keep your own peace of mind was not one of them?

Taken from the pages of his #1 International Best Selling book, The Practice Rx, with his highly entertaining and energetic speech, Dino Watt has created that course. Audiences discover the roadmap to quickly becoming a better leader, getting more productivity from your team, creating a referral minded clientele and most importantly creating more peace, freedom and profit in your life by understanding the power of relationships. With his honest stories, inspiring examples and action-step based information, your audience will laugh, cry, and will think it’s better than Cats!

Biographical Information

#1 International Best Selling Author, Dino Watt, The Relationship Expert, is a captivating, entertaining and award winning professional speaker who inspires and delivers high levels of training to your audience! However, if you are looking for just someone to “motivate” your audience, that is not what he does. Using personal stories, actionable ideas and accelerated learning techniques, Dino takes his message from motivation to actual transformation. Dino’s ability to authentically connect with the room and engage the audience to take action in their lives makes him one of the most memorable people to speak on any platform. Your guests will be ecstatic that you invited Dino Watt to train at your event!

Presentation Topics

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Practice Relationship Management
  • Team Building

Past Presentations

  • Schulman Study Group; Austin, TX
  • Pitts Progressive; Austin, TX
  • Living Wealthy Event; Salt Lake, UT
  • SJ Networking All-Stars; South Jordan, UT

Future Presentations

  • Sheffield Orthodontics; Brentwood, CA
  • Martin Orthodontics; Forest Lakes, CA
  • The Cure; Pocatello, ID