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Launch Oral Systemic Medicine

Someone dies of a cardiovascular event every 45 seconds. About 50% of cardiovascular events have oral pathogens at their epicenter.The evidence connecting periodontal pathogens to chronic disease is firmly established. Yet most dental teams have not implemented the clinical practices which mitigate both the local and systemic distribution of high risk pathogens. We must consider the pathogens that have left the mouth and are creating breakdown at other systemic locations when our patients walk in the door. Despite organized dentistry not yet advocating the treatment of periodontal disease with systemic antibiotics, we have strong evidence that responsible stewardship practices can be embraced when translocated micro-biomes are mitigated with antibiotics in high-risk patients.

Take the learning deeper with emphasis in these areas:

  • Stewardship: A Threat to Patient Wellness
    Using Metrics to Establish Risk/Benefit Aspects of How to Best Treat Periodontal Disease
  • Dentistry is Medicine: We Are Primary Care Providers Getting Comfortable with the Medical Implications of Periodontal Pathogens

Biographical Information

Dr. John Kempton’s mission to treat high-risk pathogens in high-risk patients is driven by passion and personal experience. His life and practice took on a new direction and urgency when a patient who had been referred for extractions by a cardiologist died of a heart attack a week later. Another patient told him shortly thereafter that her husband had died under similar circumstances six months earlier. These events changed his focus in dentistry and posed a question he now issues as a challenge to every other professional in the field: “What are ‘we’ going to do about it?”

Dr. John’s expertise and qualifications come from decades of success in clinical dentistry, extensive research and knowledge in the relationship of high risk pathogens to chronic disease, and a rare passion and commitment to elevate dentistry to its rightful position as primary care amidst a chronic disease crisis in this country.

Presentation Topics

  • Oral Systemic Connection
  • Periodontics

Past Presentations

  • Yankee Dental Congress; Boston, MA
  • American Dental Association
  • Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting; Atlanta, GA
  • Chicago Midwinter Meeting; Chicago, IL