Kimberly Culp, RDA

The JOB Life Coach
Atlanta, Georgia


Presentation Topics

  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Risk Management
  • Team Building

Presentation Information

When Life Issues Crash into The Office — How to Ramp Up Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace and Get Back to Productivity
Kimberly Y. Culp, RDA, The JOB Life Coach, has a unique approach to getting things back in balance: Just. Operate. Better. In this workshop, she lays out practical, actionable, supportive, meaningful ways to help people in crisis (and those around them) establish a new normal, improve the emotional atmosphere in the workplace, re-establish regular routines, get back to regular attendance and performance, minimize dangerous mistakes, and re-focus on productivity.

With a pragmatic focus on coping skills, conflict resolution, and effective communication strategies, this workshop is especially appropriate for the tight-knit teams that make business offices work.

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Biographical Information

Kimberly Y. Culp, RDA, is Founder of KYR Staffing agency and CULPing With Life Consulting, where she is The “JOB” Life Coach and a motivational speaker empowering those in the workplace with coping skills. Kimberly earned her RDA from Long Beach State College and Dental Assisting School in 1990, then she moved to Atlanta, GA, working with a variety of cosmetic dentists and traveling across the country learning best practices in dentistry. Kimberly also soared professionally, moving from clinical work to management, and served on the first board for the Dental Hygiene program at Atlanta Technical College.

Drawing from 11 years’ experience in personnel and client crisis management for two large plaintive law firms in the Atlanta area, Kim’s presentations offer real-world skills and solutions for coping, communication and conflict resolution. Her entertaining, fun, unique teambuilding workshops are full of hands-on, “real-life dental office experiences.”