Leon Klempner, DDS 

Leon Klempner

People & Practice, LLC

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Presentation Topics

  • Marketing
  • Orthodontics
  • Social Media

Past Presentations

  • American Association of Orthodontists
  • American Orthodontic Society
  • International Society for Orthodontists
  • Tufts University School of Dental Medicine

Presentation Information

Dentistry is becoming perceived by the public as a commodity with little difference between practices other than affordability and convenience. Practices can differentiate themselves through their marketing to help prospective patients understand the value they provide. Learn how to distinguish your practice to attract more private-pay patients through digital marketing. Learn how to ensure that your online reputation is solid, effectively connecting with your current and prospective patients on the media they use, and targeting your audience using all of the right tools.

Grow your practice while increasing patient care by offering interceptive orthodontic treatment. Benefits to the patient include decreased likelihood of extraction of healthy baby and/or permanent teeth, less time in braces or Invisalign, and parent satisfaction at early treatment options. As a bonus for the clinician, early treatment tends to convert patients to Invisalign Teen candidates and is generally less complex treatment. This comprehensive course addresses treatment for crowding, overjets/underbites, posterior/anterior crossbites and deep/open bites.

Biographical Information

Dr. Klempner is the founder and CEO of People & Practice, LLC, a marketing consultancy that grows general dental and specialty practices in the U.S. and Canada. Through a proprietary patient review program implemented on an iPad, Dr. Klempner helps doctors build authentic positive Google, Yelp and searchable public reviews. Together with social media, patient engagement initiatives, and strategic Facebook advertising, Dr. Klempner’s program helps attract new patients while building loyalty among existing patients.

Dr. Klempner, a board-certified orthodontist was in private practice for over 38 years. He graduated dental school from the University of Maryland and received his certification in Orthodontics from Tufts University. Dr. Klempner is on the teaching faculty of two dental schools, and has lectured both nationally and internationally on the subject of social media marketing and clinical orthodontic treatment. His work has been published in the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics, the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, as well as numerous other dental journals.