Marianne Harper

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The Art of Practice Management
2217 Fox Horn Rd.
Trent Woods, NC 28562


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Presentation Information

The full-day Abra-Code-Dabra course will take the difficulty out of dental-medical cross coding. Through this introduction to cross coding, attendees will be provided with the know-how to help their dental practices take the leap into cross coding and become part of the latest trends in cutting-edge modern dentistry. Attendees will learn how to determine medical necessity and which dental procedures can be filed medically, how to work with different types of medical plans, and how to work with medical codes and forms. This course examines the WIN-WIN of implementing cross coding as both a benefit to our patients and also to our practices. With increased case acceptance due to cross coding, profitability will increase.

Biographical Information

Marianne Harper is the owner of “The Art of Practice Management”, a dental practice management consulting company. Marianne’s specialty is training dentists and staff members in implementing dental-medical cross coding. Her other specialties areas are business office systems, business forms, and the implementation of systems to lower accounts receivable.

Marianne Harper blends training with support and offers many resources to dental practices to support their implementation of cross coding. She is the author of an updatable dental-medical cross coding manual for dental practices titled “CrossWalking –A Guide Through the CrossWalk of Dental to Medical Coding” as well as an eBook series titled “Abra-Code-Dabra” that deals with submitting medically necessary dental procedures to medical insurance plans for specific types of dental procedures. The series consists of a sleep apnea eBook, a TMD eBook and a trauma eBook. Marianne is also a published author of dental practice management articles and is a well respected speaker and trainer. Marianne also offers a support service to dental practices that cross code.

Presentation Topics

  • Dental-Medical Cross Coding
  • Insurance / Collections
  • Practice Administration & Management

Past Presentations

  • Wasatch Summit (Dentrix); Snowbird, UT
  • Dallas Dental Society; Dallas, TX
  • San Diego Dental Convention; San Diego, CA
  • 2 years–Cross Country Education Seminars

Future Presentations

  • Forward Dentistry seminars; Houston, TX and other locations
  • Webinars–Mentor Health, Coding Leader, Audio Educator, Forward Dentistry
  • Michigan Dental Association; Grand Rapids, MI
  • Michigan Dental Society; Okemos, MI