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Dr Marty Zase

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Presentation Information

Cosmetic Pearls for the General Practitioner
Designed to help dentists who want to include more cosmetic dentistry procedures in their practices, this lecture gives many tips on how to do cosmetic dentistry better and more efficiently. Subjects covered include adhesive and microdentistry techniques to eliminate all sensitivity in posterior composites, zero sensitivity bleaching, invisible restorations of fractured incisors, undetectable porcelain onlays, smile design, cementing and opaquing tips, porcelain veneers, laboratory communications, natural looking bridges with ovate pontics, and patient communications for success.

Often we defer doing cosmetic procedures because we don’t know how to fix potential problems, so several suggestions have also been included on what to do when things go wrong. Many quick tips and techniques are also incorporated to help select the best products and how to use them to get predictable successful results.

Course goal: to raise the dentist’s confidence in doing and presenting cosmetic dentistry.

Biographical Information

Marty Zase was a clinical instructor in restorative dentistry at Tufts. He now lectures at several dental schools, is well-published, has served on the editorial or review boards of several dental magazines, and lectures internationally on cosmetic dentistry.

He is one of about a dozen dentists in the world to have both a Mastership from the Academy of General Dentistry and an Accreditation in Cosmetics from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. A PastPresident of the AACD, he also serves on their Board of Accreditation Examiners. Dr. Zase was honored with the 2015 AACD Lifetime Achievement Award. He is President of the New England Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Having developed numerous techniques and instruments currently used in modern cosmetic dentistry, he was awarded several fellowships (FACD, FADFE, FPFA) and the AGD’s Lifelong Learning and Service Award for his contributions to dentistry and dental education. Dr. Zase practices in Colchester, Connecticut.

Presentation Topics

  • Communication
  • Esthetic Dentistry
  • Restorative Dentistry

Past Presentations

  • Chicago Midwinter; Chicago, IL
  • Greater New York Dental Meeting; New York, NY
  • Yankee Dental Congress; Boston, MA
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Annual Scientific Session (multiple)

Future Presentations

  • Cincinnati Dental Society; Cincinnati, OH
  • New Orleans Dental Conference; New Orleans, LA
  • Ontario Dental Association; Toronto, ON, Canada
  • TBSE (The Best Seminar Ever); Las Vegas, NV