Merikay Hunt, MS

Merikay H. Tillman, MS

COACH MKay Companies, LLC
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Greensboro, NC  27404

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Presentation Information

Create Catalysts for Change
~Know the 7 steps to creating catalysts for purposeful change
~Redefine the culture of your practice based on core values
~Identify characteristics of primary communication profiles
~Discover how stress impacts listening and patient experience
~Learn strategies to lead permanent change vs. flavor of the month
~Analyze how the fear of change can impact business growth
~Observe how mistakes can be building blocks for future success

Stepping Stones to Success
~Analyze the impact of growth vs. fixed mindset in decision making
~Evaluate what’s working, not working and missing in your business
~Celebrate professional strengths and examine your level of leadership
~Develop 90 day goals and learn strategies to motivate your team
~Examine key life areas to create more balance and reduce work stress
~Learn principles to conquer worry and improve your focus factor
~Understand the patient and family experience to elevate service
~Explore how to win others over to build connections and referrals
~Identify ways to show appreciation to your family, team & patients

The Power of Team
~Inspire others & develop followership with 360 degree leadership principles
~Learn a tool designed to gain 360 degree feedback in a productive manner
~Evaluate the warning signs and dynamics associated with team dysfunction
~Explore ways to improve morale & productivity with the power of positivity
~Embrace the components of the Fish Philosophy® to transform your practice
~Understand how coaching for performance improves collaboration
~Elevate accountability through character, delegation, passion, & vision

Biographical Information

With over 15 years of experience in the dental industry, Merikay understands the daily rollercoaster ride and the importance of focusing on the good stuff! She helps audiences build strong relationships that impact employee engagement, improve customer service and strengthen business results.

As an activator, developer and relator – Merikay is dedicated to helping professionals improve their focus factor, conquer worry and deal with terminally unique people in a positive way! Attendees will interact with each other, identify key areas for improvement and learn simple, strategic principles to implement when they return to the office. Each program closes with action items and accountability measures to help participants create behavior changes needed to succeed.

Merikay is a former multicourse certified Dale Carnegie® instructor, graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and served as a former adjunct chaplain with a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Counseling.

Presentation Topics

  • Patient Experience
  • Stress Management
  • Team Building
  • Performance Coaching

Past Presentations

  • American Association of Dental Office Managers
  • Guilford County Dental Society
  • National Medical Group Managers Association
  • National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants

Winner, 2013 Spotlight on Speaking Competition – Speaking Consulting Network