Nancy Miller, RDH, BA

Jameson Management
Green Bay, WI


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The Hygienist’s Role in a Patient’s Path to Yes
What you say and how you say it determines how your patient hears it and understands it, and how they ultimately value and act on the message. How can we expect our patients to value our time if we unwittingly diminish the importance of what we are doing? How can we expect patients to willingly accept beneficial treatment if they don’t understand what they are being offered?

Calculated Hygiene: The Business Side
Your hygiene department should be the force moving the rest of your practice forward. It’s calculated that approximately 60% of the productivity in the doctor’s treatment room comes from the hygiene room. Calculating how to keep the hygiene department running smoothly and efficiently will ensure the practice a healthy, long life.

And the hygiene team is more than the hygienists; it includes support from the Business Team, Restorative Clinical Team, and the Dentist. In order to gain “case acceptance” from the patient and to calculate the hygiene team’s effectiveness, the whole team must understand the total Hygiene Department mission and objectives.

Biographical Information

Nancy develops and presents continuing education courses through group presentations with some hands-on participation and individualized hands-on courses in the clinician’s own practice setting.

She practices dental hygiene clinically, is a Clinical Advisor with Jameson Management, and is a Hu-Friedy Key Opinion Leader. You will often find her at Dental Trade Shows in the Hu-Friedy booth.

She specializes in power scaling and polishing theory and applications, and also in the business aspect of clinical hygiene practice.

Presentation Topics

  • Business / Financial
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Hands-On Workshops
  • Periodontics

Past Presentations

  • Atlanta Seattle Study Club
  • Colorado Dental Hygiene Association
  • Dental Hygiene Association of Greater NYC
  • Yankee Dental Congress