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Presentation Information

Communicate to Keep ’em:
Use strategic communication tools to be the kind of leader others want to work with and for. Enhance employee engagement and reduce turnover. Maximize influence, credibility, and impact.

Communicate, Lead, Succeed:
Master the art of positive communication for enhanced buy-in and commitment. Leverage future-focused communication to drive results. Discover proven communication strategies to handle conversation and people – even the most difficult.

Words Matter: Crucial Conversation Tools for High-Caliber Leaders:
Use emotional intelligence to manage difficult conversations, situations, and people. Master language patterns for crucial conversations – no more winging it! Discover the words to choose and the words to lose for enhanced cooperation and commitment.

Snipers, Steamrollers and Chronic Complainers:
Discover the #1 reason difficult people are difficult and what a leader can (and cannot) do about it. Master communication strategies to deal with toxic people and toxic behaviors. Enhance emotional control and intelligence in emotionally charged situations.

Biographical Information

Pamela Jett is a leadership and communication skills expert who knows words matter! She moves beyond communication theory into practical strategies that can be implemented immediately to create the kind of results her clients want. … And get! Her high-content programs are energetic, fun, and memorable. These programs have helped leaders around the globe enhance employee engagement, manage tough conversations, and drive results.

After graduating from San Diego State University with a degree in Speech Communication, Pamela went on to earn her Master’s degree in Communication.  It was while pursuing her PhD at the University of Utah that her love of teaching adults powerful success skills was kindled.  In 2007, Pamela earned the coveted certified speaking professional designation from the National Speakers Association.

Pamela is the author of several learning resources, including the popular book Communicate to Keep ’Em and the audio programs What to Say? and Communicate with Confidence Credibility, and Influence.


Presentation Topics

  • Communication
  • Inspiration/Motivation
  • Leadership

Past Presentations

  • Maxtermind Dental Mastermind Group; Dallas, TX
  • South Australian Dental Service; Adelaide, Australia
  • Eagle River Orthodontics; Eagle River, AK
  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics; Atlanta, GA

Future Presentations

  • Association for the Hospital Environment; Dallas, TX 
  • Indiana Youth Institute; Indianapolis, IN
  • Midwestern University Dental Medicine; Glendale, AZ
  • American Bus Association; Louisville, KY