Dr. Pam Marzban
Fairfax, VA


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Presentation Topics

  • Communication
  • Leadership

Presentation Information

Simple Talk: The Empowered Team’s Guide to Higher Cosmetic Treatment Acceptance
Dr. Marzban shares communication techniques that walk the patient through the discovery process and guide them to predictable options in obtaining the smile they’ve always wanted. This visual and interactive learning experience draws from cosmetic dentistry case studies to teach teams how to think and communicate with patients. Gain the confidence to queue up treatment discussions that the dentists can step in to finish.

It’s About U: Unified Vision + Unleashed Team = Unequivocal Success
In this high energy, interactive presentation, attendees learn tips and techniques for creating a poignant, clearly defined vision and determine strategic goals for both professional and personal life. Learn how to recognize the right people for your team and unlock their potential to realize true synergistic success.

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Take ownership towards the success of your business! Every action and human interaction affects business growth. Dr. Pam Marzban’s presentations teach the entire team about simple, effective, genuine styles of communication, how to implement technology to gain treatment acceptance, and how to incorporate a strong vision and achieve practice goals.

In private practice for 16 years, Dr. Marzban is also Assistant Professor for Department of General Dentistry at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry. For many consecutive years, her office has been recognized by peers, as well as local and national publications, as a “top dentist”.

Dr. Marzban’s clinical work with TMD rehabilitation and full mouth rehabilitation has been recognized and awarded internationally. Her complex aesthetic full mouth rehabilitation cases have been published in industry journals.