Pat Little, DDS, FAGD, CFE

Presentation Information

The Walletectomy: Embezzlement in the Dental Practice
Learn how to recognize important warning signs associated with embezzlement/fraud and understand the characteristics/behaviors of an embezzler.

HIPAA Compliance: What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You
Gain the techniques and tools to help your practice achieve and maintain HIPAA compliance.

Who’s Spying On You and Your Patients: Identity Theft / External Threats
Explore real world measures that practices must take to assess their risk and protect patient and practice data security.

Dental Financial Stewardship: A Total-Team Approach
Learn the financial processes that maximize documentation, maintenance, and accurate reporting of financial data.


  • Business/Financial
  • Fraud/Embezzlement
  • Risk Management

Past Presentations

  • American Dental Association (multiple)
  • Chicago Mid-Winter Meeting (multiple)
  • Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting (multiple)
  • Yankee Dental Congress (multiple)

Biographical Information

As both a former practicing dentist and accountant, Dr. Pat Little brings a unique blend of skill and experience to his presentations which focus on strategies for reducing financial and regulatory risks.

Pat began his dental career in private practice shortly a er dental school and over the next 30 years launched two successful practices, starting each from “scratch.” A er leaving clinical practice due to a cervical vertebrae condition, Pat completed his accounting and general business education. While working with a dental CPA firm, he developed a deep interest in the area of fraud and embezzlement. Pat joined Prosperident as a Senior Fraud Examiner and earned the Certified Fraud Examiner credential. Through Prosperident, Pat conducts embezzlement examinations on behalf of dentists and advises them on matters related to fraud and embezzlement.

While maintaining his relationship with Prosperident, Pat has expanded his lecturing and consulting services to include topics related to financial integrity and accountability, data security and HIPAA compliance.

Pat is an engaging and entertaining speaker who presents well-informed and technologically up-to-date presentations while converting complicated (and sometimes scary) material into “plain English”.