Patricia Lee Flanagan, RDH, MS

Jameson Management
Boston, MA


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Presentation Information

The Cancellation Solution: Why Can’t I Keep My Schedule Full?
This interactive course will leave you with new tools in your armamentarium. Find out how to shift the level of commitment with your patient family. These new skills work because we will focus on how your adult patient family chooses to create value and receive information that is meaningful.

Not If My Insurance Won’t Cover It! Overcoming Obstacles to Care
This course is designed to help dental practices to move patients forward with health-centered care. Our patient’s don’t know what they don’t know! It is our responsibility to engage them with a full understanding of the limitations of insurance.

Do You Really Know What I Want?
 Get to Yes with Patient Centered Case Presentations!
A strong focus on communication skills, interviewing techniques, and presentations skills will be covered. The outcome will be increased commitment from your patients!

 Moving Your Patient’s Forward with Implant Dentistry
This interactive course is designed to provide doctors and team members with the knowledge and communication skills to facilitate implant dentistry for patients. You will leave with a strong knowledge of how to present implant dentistry successfully to your patients.

 What We Now Know and How to be Compensated
This is a two part course that encompasses the latest research regarding caries control, patient motivation, and fee for service compensation in an insurance dependent environment.

Biographical Information

Patty Flanagan has been intimately involved in dentistry for over twenty years. Her private practice experience includes positions as a surgical assistant, clinical hygienist, treatment coordinator, practice manager and team facilitator.

She has consulted nationally in dental practices for the last eight years specializing in business systems, periodontal protocols, treatment acceptance and leadership.

Along with Flanagan’s designation as a Registered Dental Hygienist, she earned Master in Business Education focusing on the adult learner. She continues to publish articles in dental journals and speak to dental audiences across the United States.

Patty is passionate about dentistry and helping dental teams to learn to love what they do! Her light hearted, humorous speaking style holds all audience’s attention!

Presentation Topics

  • Case Acceptance
  • Dental Hygiene
Implant Dentistry
Inspiration/ Motivation