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Presentation Information

Profits, Productivity & Peace: Discover the rewards of eliminating disrespectful workplace behavior
When employees respect each other and get along, productivity and morale increase and employees are more courteous to customers. Learn proactive and preventative measures that employers can take to create a positive workplace culture and eliminate workplace disrespect.

Control Freaks, Queen Bees and Workplace Terrorists: Preventing, Managing and Eliminating your Workplace Bully
Workplace bullying causes costly and wide-ranging impacts to your organization – if there is a bully in your workplace, your staff, teams and culture are dysfunctional. Learn proactive and preventative measures to prevent, manage and eliminate workplace bullies.

Inclusion in your Workplace: Create an environment of Respect, Involvement and Connection
The value of an inclusive workplace is undeniable – when employees feel supported, respected and included, their levels of engagement, creativity and loyalty go up. Learn how to harness the benefits of diversity and inclusion to improve your workplace culture and employee morale.

Biographical Information

Paul is a corporate attorney, international public speaker, and business executive with over 25 years experience in senior roles in government and industry. He is a regular presenter and workshop provider at global conferences and other events. He is also a published author, blogger and webinar presenter.

An expert in workplace respect, diversity, bullying, leadership and ethics, Paul uses his extensive background in corporate law, team management and project/program management to help organizations establish respectful workplace and diversity policies, training, programs, and processes for safely, fairly, and effectively addressing disrespectful behavior, conflicts, and inclusion challenges.

His new book, Workplace Bullying – It’s Just Bad for Business, is designed to help organizations and their staff prevent, manage and eliminate workplace bullying.

Presentation Topics

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Human Resources
  • Practice Team Development
  • Team Building

Past Presentations

  • Dubai International Project Management Forum; Dubai, UAE
  • PMI Global Congress Europe; Middle East and Africa; London, United Kingdom
  • PMI Global Congress North America; Orlando, FL
  • Leadership Institute Meeting; Phoenix, AZ

Future Presentations

  • BAWorld Conference; Toronto, ON, Canada
  • PMI Global Congress North America; San Diego, CA
  • Human Resource Management Association; Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • PMI Global Congress Europe, Middle East and Africa; Barcelona, Spain