Richard John Adolfi

RJ Adolfi

198 East Bay Street
Charleston, SC 29401


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Presentation Topics

  • Business/Financial
  • Group Practice
  • Marketing
  • Practice Administration & Management

Presentation Information

From the second generation of a family of businesses that have successfully opened over 500+ turnkey dental practices in the United States (without one ever closing in over 25 years). This course teaches you how to open a complete turnkey practice anywhere in the country. This course paves the way for Financing, Branding, Practice Financing, Insurance Processing, Marketing & Advertising, Human Resources & Payroll, OSHA-HIPAA Compliance, Insurance Credentialing, Lab Services, Material & Supply Chain, Hardware & IT Services, Search Engine Optimization in todays Social Media world, Debt Management, Direct Group Dental Programs, Accounting, Malpractice, Patient Flow System, and Insurance Participation Negotiation.

One of the most important components of this turnkey course is the proven, detailed business and marketing plan to help ensure that each practice is successful and profitable day one. It explains how sophisticated demographics software programs help select the most desirable locations for new dental practices.

Past Presentations

  • Virginia Commonwealth University; Richmond, VA
  • UCLA School of Dentistry; Los Angeles, CA
  • Louisiana State University School of Dentistry; New Orleans, LA
  • University of Florida: College of Dentistry; Gainesville, FL

Future Presentations

  • North Carolina Dental Board; Morrisville, NC
  • Harvard University School of Dentistry; Boston, MA
  • Medical University of South Carolina; Charleston, SC
  • Georgia Regents School of Dentistry; Augusta, GA

Biographical Information

R.J. Adolfi is one of the individuals responsible for the development of dental super-practices and the refinement of “retail medical care” in its initial twenty years. R.J.’s family opened their first dental offices in Syracuse New York in 1979 where he was immersed in the start-up process of design, construction, equipment procurement, staffing and operations until leaving home to pursue his professional hockey career. Upon his retirement from hockey, R.J. was called upon to run the overall operations and the widespread expansion of what was becoming a dental super-practice empire throughout the Northeast and beyond. He mastered the critical positions within the company including managing on site dental labs, processing insurance, handling accounts payable and receivable, building out new offices, managing multiple locations and dentist recruitment.

By the time his family chose to sell the burgeoning dental empire, R.J. was recognized throughout the dental industry as the ‘guru’ of this new multi-unit super-practice phenomenon. The purchasing group would retain him as CEO, and would become the industry giant, Aspen Dental. R.J. has gone on to start other successful brands as DentalSmart and DentalSense.

Rj has extensive knowledge in medial branding, site selection, office design, construction, staffing, training systems, day-to-day operations, supply chain and equipment purchasing. Expert knowledge of operations in the medical service industry.

R.J. developed innovative processes in the areas of site selection, human resource, doctor recruitment, medical marketing, billing systems, account tracking and short/long term development of multipliable location medical companies.