Robert A. Tripke, DMD

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Periodontal Therapy in the General Dental Practice
Where Does the Structured Periodontal Program Fit into Your Dental Practice?

Racing with the clock, fighting for chair time to properly treat patients? If your office is like many, you may be frustrated by a locked in and unprofitable, unproductive hygiene schedule.

Enhance the quality of care for patients through an emphasis on the systemic effects of periodontal disease while dramatically altering the practice’s financial performance. Learn an integrated approach to patient care from front-desk scheduling to diagnosis, co-diagnosis, treatment planning and handling fees. Explore billing, coding and insurance best-practices. Learn verbal skills that increase both collections and production. Learn how to “Jump Start” your periodontal program immediately. Retune, refine and re-motivate the entire team in this fast paced, entertaining presentation!

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Biographical Information

Robert A. Tripke, DMD implemented an organized approach to non-surgical periodontal therapy in his Chenoa, Illinois practice in 1987. Due to the marked elevation in standard of care for his patients as well as a huge positive financial impact on his practice, shortly thereafter he began educating general dentists in these methods and protocols. For nearly 30 years Dr. Tripke has provided structured periodontal therapy training with the newest, most effective techniques available. His program is recognized in the industry as the pinnacle of soft-tissue management.

Dr. Tripke helps dental teams take their practices to the next level through customized clinical and practice management training programs. A passionate, animated and empowering speaker, Dr. Tripke’s educational programs have influenced thousands of general dental practices by enhancing the quality of care and dramatically altering the economic status of those practices. In recognition of his successes, Dr. Tripke was featured in the Dentistry Today article: “My Unparalleled Success with Soft Tissue Management in a Small Mid-American Town”.

Presentation Topics

  • Dental Hygiene
  • Oral Systemic Connection
  • Patient Experience
  • Periodontics
  • Treatment Planning

Past Presentations

Dr. Tripke helped structure and develop a soft-tissue management program which he taught through a professional dental seminar company for 25 years. He was the second dentist in the United States to do this. From 1988 through 2013, Dr. Tripke taught a full day dental seminar somewhere in the country every week. He has spoken in every state and provided over 1200 seminars.