Samuel J. Higdon, DDS

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Samuel J. Higdon, DDS
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Portland, OR 97210

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Presentation Information

SUPERCHARGE YOUR PRACTICE: Occlusion in Everyday Practice
Few dental students leave their dental training with a clear understanding of when and how to routinely apply basic principles of dental occlusion in their dental practice. Dental occlusion today is not just about how teeth should fit together; is about the normal anatomy, physiology and biomechanical function of the entire masticatory system. Dr. Higdon will present the masticatory system as a marvelously elegant, highly complex system and how to incorporate this knowledge into your practice.

TMJ PATIENTS IN YOUR PRACTICE: Who Are They? How Do You Recognize Them? What Can You Do For Them?
Most dentists acknowledge feeling less than confident and often quite confused about two subjects; Dental Occlusion and Temporomandibular Disorders. Dr. Higdon’s presentation will explain in very clear language the fundamentals of understanding both normal and abnormal function of the masticatory system, how to recognize factors that may contribute to abnormal function, and what it necessary to maintain and restore functional homeostasis to the system. The nature of TMJ disorders will be thoroughly addressed and the fundamentals of TMJ treatment will be presented.

Speakers Packet Available Upon Request.

Presentation Topics

  • Occlusion / TMD / Orofacial Pain

Biographical Information

Dr. Higdon is a graduate of the University of Missouri, School of Dentistry. For over 30 years Dr. Higdon’s practice has been devoted entirely to the non-surgical management of temporomandibular disorders including dental occlusal and other functional problems of the masticatory system, the most broadly misunderstood areas of dental responsibility.

Dr. Higdon is the author and illustrator of “Anatomy of the Temporomandibular Joint in Function / Dysfunction” originally published in 1983 and now in a much expanded 2nd edition. This patient/doctor educational aid can be seen at

Dr. Higdon is the co-developer of the educational website,, designed to provide current information related to masticatory function and temporomandibular disorders for both health care providers and for patients.

Very few in the health care community have been in a position to provide more than limited treatment for patients with these problems. Dr. Higdon’s experience has involved the successful treatment of thousands such patients.

Past Presentations

  • C.O.A.S.T. Symposium; Bend, OR
  • Southern Willamette Dental Study Group; Corvallis, OR
  • Midwest Dental Conference; Kansas City, MO