Sherry Priebe, RDH, BDSc, MSc

Sherry Priebe, RDH, BDSc, MSc.

Sherry Priebe
#411-4004 Bluebird Road
Kelowna, BC, Canada V1W 1X6

(250) 317-0080

Presentation Information

Oral Health Risks and Cultural Habits
Oral disease is not only epidemic in some parts of the resource-poor world, but also shockingly prevalent in our resource-rich, affluent world. This course illustrates how culturally homogenous but geographically dispersed populations can have a profound effect on local dental practices as people migrate worldwide.

Ultrasonics: The System of Periodontal Therapy
Ultrasonic treatment helps meet the demands of today’s non-surgical periodontal therapy. This course uses examples and data from the speaker’s hands-on experience and scientific research in order to challenge and motivate the participant to utilize innovative ultrasonic technology.

Revolutionary Technology for the Empowered Dental Hygienist
New technology often guides patient acceptance of preventive and periodontal therapies for oral diseases that have few typical symptoms. This course challenges and motivates oral health professionals, through scientific research of the latest leading-edge technologies, to be knowledgeable and sophisticated leaders in improving patient health.

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Biographical Information

Sherry is impacting the lives of people around the world with her innovative dental hygiene life focus to “assist people to attain optimum oral health through research, education and clinical practice.” Sherry received a Diploma of Dental Hygiene from the University of Alberta, her Bachelor Degree in Dental Science in Dental Hygiene and a Masters’ in Science degree from the University of British Columbia, Canada. Sherry is an independent clinical dental hygienist in Kelowna British Columbia, researcher, speaker, educator at the Okanagan College, community oral health advocate and Lead Mentor and Clinical Instructor for the UBC/Vietnam International Learning Program for global collaboration and international learning. She has published articles in the Vietnam Journal of Medicine and Pharmacy, the Canadian Journal of Dental Hygiene, the International Journal of Dental Hygiene and the Dental Health Journal in the UK.

She has presented her masters’ research study of cultural oral habits and oral cancer in Asia and the global risks of oral cancer in Scotland, Brazil, Vietnam, Dubai, USA and Canada. Sherry has been honored and awarded for her oral cancer study in Vietnam with the prestigious “World Dental Hygiene Award in Research” sponsored by the SUNSTAR Foundation for Oral Health Promotion in collaboration with the International Federation of Dental Hygienists and the International Journal of Dental Hygiene. She was presented with the award at the International Symposium on Dental Hygiene in Scotland in 2010.

Presentation Topics

  • Health and Wellness
  • Inspiration/Motivation
  • Oral Cancer

Past Presentations

  • Pacific Dental Conference; Vancouver, BC
  • International Federation of Dental Hygienists Conference; Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Canadian Dental Hygienists Association, ‘Explore”; Victoria, BC
  • National Hospital of Odonto-Stomatology; and University of Odonto-Stomatology, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Future Presentations

  • Sparkle 2nd Annual Dental Charity Ball; Ottawa, CA
  • Global Health and Innovation Conference, Yale University; New Haven, CT