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Stacy McCauley

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Presentation Information

Hot and Bothered! Science and Strategies for Managing Oral and Systemic Inflammation
This program details specific strategies for optimum overall health, giving participants tangible action steps for decreasing inflammation to enhance optimum overall health.

The Perfect Handoff! Communication Strategies for Stellar Co-Diagnosis and Enrollment
Thriving practices have mastered the art of the handoff. This course details key communication strategies for seamless co-diagnosis and patient case acceptance.

Does Hygiene Have Your Back? Creating the Calibrated, High Performing Hygiene Team
Successful practices have mastered dentist/hygienist calibration. This course teaches participants how to design seamless systems and protocols for dentist and hygienist synergy.

Big Patients, Big Consequences: Obesity and the Implications for Dentistry
After 20 years of oral-systemic emerging research, obesity has only just recently been identified as a potential risk factor for both dental caries and periodontal disease infections. This course teaches dental professionals how to integrate obesity as a risk factor.

Biographical Information

With the heart of a coach and teacher, Stacy McCauley, RDH, MS shares strategies for creating stellar practice communication, increased team performance and sharper clinical skills. As a seasoned educator, Stacy understands the importance of creating a learning environment infused with energy and clinical relevance. Stacy is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at UNC Chapel Hill, where she also received her Master’s Degree in Dental Hygiene Education. She brings over 20 years of dental experience including clinician, corporate dental business, international speaker and as a consultant with Inspired Hygiene, Inc. She is committed to empowering dental teams to blow open the doors of what’s possible in their practice. Get ready to dream big and practice smarter (not harder) with her no-nonsense approach to optimum patient care!

Stacy McCauley - dental speaker

Presentation Topics

  • Communication
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Oral Systemic Connection
  • Periodontics

Past Presentations

  • Utah Dental Association; Salt Lake City, UT
  • Three Rivers Dental Conf.; Farmington, PA
  • Star of the South; Houston, TX
  • American Dental Hygienists’ Association; Las Vegas, NV

Future Presentations

  • RDH Under One Roof; Las Vegas, NV
  • American Association of Dental Office Managers; Nashville, TN
  • Fifth District Dental Society; Syracuse, NC
  • The Greater Capital District Dental Symposium; Albany, NY