Honorariums continue to grow, while budgets seem to increase at a slower rate! What’s a meeting planner to do? This month, Directory of Dental Speakers (d.d.s.) takes a look at securing sponsorships:


Where, oh where, can I find a sponsor? 

Check In With Your Speaker: Many speakers have relationships with companies who sponsor subject specific presentations.

Check Over Your Topic: Sponsorship should tie to the presentation topic.  For instance, a presentation about financial arrangements might be sponsored by CareCredit.

Check Out Other Meetings: Visit the websites of other dental meetings to see who is sponsoring.

Check For Exhibit Opportunities: Is it appropriate for exhibitors to be present at your meeting? How can you provide value to sponsoring companies?

Check On Expected Attendance: Be realistic in the expectation of the sponsorship based upon the size of the meeting.


Golden Rules of Sponsorship

Provide clear, brief, and specific proposals to the companies you approach. No form letters.

Provide all the details the company will need to make their decision, such as:
o  Speaker Name and Presentation Topic
o  Dates, Times, Location
o  Anticipated Attendance
o  Will they be allowed exhibit space?  A booth?  A table at the back of the room?  (What’s In It For Them)


Once sponsorship is agreed upon, send detailed invoices by e-mail.  Accounting departments may be in other locations and this speeds up the process.  Include the expected timeline the invoice needs to be paid.

When one sponsor cannot meet the full honorarium, co-sponsorship is generally accepted… Just be sure that the co-sponsors are not in competition!

Apply sponsorship funds toward the honorarium of the speaker they were requested for.

Note:  Some speakers will be amenable to contracting with you at a lowered rate and acquire their own sponsorship to meet the difference between the contracted rate and their full honorarium. In this case, sponsorship is paid directly to the speaker.