Testimonials from Speakers Listed With Us

The Directory of Dental Speakers is a one-of-a-kind resource for the dental profession. Meeting planners know this and look to d.d.s. first when they need to hire speakers on desired topics. Vanessa Emerson’s relationships with meeting planners makes her unique in her ability to match dental speakers with the needs and desires of the meeting planners. No one can match her in helping dental speakers attain the recognition and speaking opportunities they seek. She has a unique talent for helping dental speakers communicate their educational assets in a way that meeting planners best appreciate them. I don’t know what I would have done to further my speaking career without her. Her expertise and professionalism in this area of dentistry is simply unparalleled.

Edward Feinberg, DMD

Thank you d.d.s. team for sending two wonderful speaking leads my way within the last week! I’m excited about the speaking opportunities next year will bring with the help of d.d.s.

Rita Zamora

I had success using d.d.s. to reach meeting planners and event coordinators some years back. Seeing the revamped format of the site, I recently decided to relist with d.d.s., and sure enough, within two weeks, had been contacted by multiple meeting planners for lectures and presentations. I absolutely recommend that anyone who is serious about speaking and presenting use d.d.s. I wish I had never left and am here to stay!

Arthur R. Volker, DDS, MSEd, Author, Speaker

A meeting planner found me through Directory of Dental Speakers today. As a result, I booked two speaking engagements. d.d.s. is such a great resource! Thank you!

Heidi Arndt, RDH, BSDH Speaker, Coach, Author

I have learned a lot about the business of speaking at dental meetings during my first year with the Directory of Dental Speakers and Vanessa Emerson. I recently received my first speaking engagement through the d.d.s. Call for Speaker Proposal process, and will be giving the keynote at an event for 400 dental professionals this April. Vanessa is excellent to work with – she has taken the time to advise me on how to grow my speaking business and always responds to questions in a timely manner.

Eva Grayzel, Keynote Speaker, Oral Cancer Survivor

When looking for quality speakers for the Annual Dental Managers conference, presented by AADOM, the Directory of Dental Speakers has proven to be an incredible resource. The Directory provides meeting planners with credible, quality dental speakers. Thank you for making the task of finding good speakers so much simpler.

Heather Colicchio, President, American Association of Dental Office Managers (AADOM)

Wow! I had no idea the Call for Speaker Proposal program would work so fast for me. I have only been a part of Directory of Dental Speakers for one month and already I have a speaking engagement for a great opportunity. I have appreciated the immediate and knowledgeable support from Vanessa. Literally any time of the day, she has responded with information that I requested. I am thrilled that I joined this program.

Sherry Priebe RDH, BDSc, MSc; Speaker, Author, Clinical Dental Hygienist

The Directory of Dental Speakers (d.d.s) is an invaluable resource for speakers and meeting planners alike. d.d.s. not only lists speakers, their topics, contact information and marketing materials for meeting planners to review and fill places in their meeting rosters, d.d.s. also generously shares monthly tips for meeting planners to make their meetings more successful. If you are a speaker who wishes to be busier on the lecture circuit or if you are a meeting planner who wishes to make the job of hiring speakers easier, contact d.d.s. today!

Linda Miles, CSP, CMC, Founder; Linda Miles and Associates, Speaking Consulting Network

I have been listed for the last two years with the Directory of Dental Speakers, and have found it to be very helpful. Although I lecture frequently, and worldwide, d.d.s. provides the opportunity for me to “get my name out there”. I receive emails from the Directory almost weekly that alert me of potential upcoming speaking engagements. d.d.s. takes a lot of the work out of the equation. I am able to select venues I am interested in and forward my information directly to the venue for consideration effortlessly. The Directory of Dental Speakers has saved me and my Lecture Manager a great deal of time and energy.

Brian LeSage, DDS, FAACD; Practitioner, Speaker, Author; Beverly Hills Institute of Dental Esthetics

Time is precious (believe me, I’ve learned time’s value the hard way!) The time set aside to cold call, mass mail, or go a ‘begging can now be used in more productive pursuits. With d.d.s.’ Call for Speaker Proposal program… there’s no, “don’t call us, we’ll call you”, there’s no “we have no interest in your topic”, there’s no, “we aren’t considering any new speakers”. It’s simple. Meeting planners outline the presentation particulars and if you are interested, you can submit your proposal to the planner. Done!

What could be easier or more efficient than that? What’s your time worth? What are you waiting for?

Roy Shelburne, DDS; Speaker, Coach, Author

Thanks to d.d.s., my understanding of how better to demonstrate value to prospective speakers has increased immensely. The tips and support I receive are timely and relevant, and I recommend Vanessa and d.d.s. to anyone desiring to establish or enhance their ‘speaking footprint’.

Daniel A. 'Danny' Bobrow, President; American Dental Marketing

The Directory of Dental Speakers is the best way I know of to reach meeting planners. Vanessa Emerson is highly professional and has my strongest recommendation.

Paul A. Rosenberg, DDS

Within a week of renewing my listing in DDS, I booked a gig that will likely lead to multiple speaking opportunities over the next year. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect such a quick response once my listing was upgraded to “Premier”. Thank you, DDS! You’re the best!!

Dave Striegel, Ph.D. Striegel Performance Coaching

I was honored to be contacted by the ASDA District 10 committee and asked to speak at their annual conference. They saw my profile on the DDS and said that the information posted there made them want to seek me out. I had the opportunity to speak as the keynote speaker and share my message of Culture and Vision to the upcoming generation of dental practitioners. It would not have been possible without d.d.s. and I am completely grateful for their service. They are a valuable resource for me and my future clients.

Dino Watt; Speaker, Author

“No sooner did my listing go up on DDS than I was immediately contacted about a most attractive speaking opportunity, which subsequently resulted in a booking! I know I have DDS to thank because the email address they used to reach me was new and had not been listed anywhere else. To me, that’s proof positive that DDS gets you in front of Meeting Planners fast!”

Danny Bobrow; Speaker, Author, Consultant

“I am so pleased to be connected with Directory of Dental Speakers! I was recommended to be on this site by another speaker long ago and it has been a great source of speaker engagements. Vanessa has assisted me immensely with her coaching and is always available to help with recommendations. I am not on the e-directory but still received a speaker engagement that I am thrilled with. As a hygienist that is always doing something ‘outside of the box’, this site is the place to find unique speakers and locations to speak at. Thank you Directory of Speakers!”

Sherry Priebe, RDH, BDSc, MSc.

Anyone who is or wants to be seen as a passionate continuing education presenter needs to be involved with the Directory of Dental Speakers. Vanessa Emerson has created a networking and educational forum for speakers and meeting planners to connect and educate.  I have booked a number of programs from my involvement with Directory of Dental Speakers and have learned invaluable information from participating in teleseminars. Thank you Vanessa for creating Directory of Dental Speakers!

Ann-Marie DePalma, Speaker, Coach, Educator, Author

I want to tell you how pleased I am to be a part of the Directory of Dental Speakers. From the beginning, you have provided guidance and resources that go beyond the opportunity to be listed and to receive requests for proposals.  In fact, it is this aspect of your service which I have found most helpful to me at the stage I am in my present business. Your willingness and promptness to respond to my occasional email questions and to speak by phone when necessary has made a significant contribution to my speaking career.

Since we spoke a couple months back and you gave me some individual coaching on negotiating speaking contracts, I have successfully booked three engagements, one as close as my own home turf in SC and two as far afield as Texas and Tennessee.  In addition, I’m awaiting final confirmation on a high profile event in the UK.  And what’s more than just booking these events, the fees I have been able to negotiate have surpassed my previous average by more than 300%!  To say that I’m a happy member of d.d.s. is an understatement.  I will continue to heartily recommend your service to event organizers and speakers alike and in my referrals to highlight the outstanding and personable service you provide.

Steve Cartin, Speaker, Consultant, Author

I am thrilled to be a speaker listed with d.d.s. (Directory of Dental Speakers). Vanessa’s ongoing relationships with the event planning professionals puts d.d.s. speakers at the top of the meeting planner’s list. I have made connections that would never have happened without Vanessa and d.d.s. A marketing must to propel your career forward faster!

Judy Kay Mausolf, Speaker, Performance Coach, Author

The Directory of Dental Speakers, as well as the Call for Speaker Proposal program, has provided me with invaluable contacts and has allowed me to discuss my presentations with so many meeting planners. It has opened many doors for me and I have more speaking engagements now as a result of all their hard work and detail planning – thank you, DDS.

George E Bambara, MS, DMD

Directory of Dental Speakers is a blessing to dental consultants, speakers and meeting planners. Easy use of the site enables a meeting planner to quickly find the best and brightest presenters. If I were a meeting planner, I would come to d.d.s. first. Great idea d.d.s.!

Laura Jamison, Speaker, Consultant, Author

As a one-stop shop specifically for the dental profession, the Directory of Dental Speakers is the most valuable tool to both presenter and planner. The website is actively updated on a regular basis and Vanessa Emerson, who is a whiz at business strategizing, sends out exceptional newsletters and updates routinely. If you want to improve speaker marketability and plan events effortlessly, d.d.s. is the only place you’ll need to go!

Juli Kagan, RDH, M.Ed.; Author, Speaker, Educator

The Directory of Dental Speakers is an important marketing tool that everyone who speaks needs to be a part of — we can never toot our own horn the way an outside supporting voice can! This resource is our on-going voice to those looking for speakers for their events; what a great service!

Cindy J. Ishimoto, Speaker, Consultant, Author

The Directory of Dental Speakers is a great idea and I know it has to be very valuable to meeting planners in the Dental industry — I look forward to being a part of it again this year.

Dr. Tony Ratliff, Speaker, Consultant, Dentist

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