You are invited to submit
articles for the d.d.s. Blog:

This is an opportunity for Directory Members to help meeting planners see where you may be a good fit for their meetings.

Just as you would submit an article to any other industry publication, write your d.d.s. blog post with the meeting attendee (your target audience) in mind.

Articles will be published on a first come, first serve basis.

Blog Post Guidelines:

  • length should be no more than 750 words
  • submit as a WORD or TEXT document
  • submit any accompanying graphics in .jpg form
  • send a bio – 100 words or less – we will link the article to your d.d.s. listing page
  • email your article(s) to¬†

Help your d.d.s. membership work for you. Take advantage of this opportunity for additional exposure for your course content.

Any questions? Email