Evaluations are a helpful tool for measuring the success of your meeting.  With a properly designed form, you’ll learn what parts of your program worked well and what could use improvement.

Following are a few tips to help ensure your evaluation forms are completed and returned:

    • Keep the form short to encourage participation.
    • Let the participant remain anonymous.  Make a space available for name in case they want to identify themselves.
    • Stick to one page.
    • Ask concise questions.
    • Design creatively and ensure the form is easy to read/understand.
    • Allow time to complete the evaluation form during the meeting.
    • Place the evaluation forms at each seat or hand them out at the door.
    • Offer a give-away or the chance to win a prize for those who complete and return the evaluation form by the end of the session.

Don’t miss the opportunity to poll your attendees!  Information gathered from the current event can help shape and ensure the success (and profits) of future events.